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Do-It-Yourself Profile
How To Use The Do-It-Yourself Profile
  1. Print out the mini-profile form or fill it out as you go.
  2. Click on each trait to determine where you score.
  3. Mark your score on the form.
  4. Review the qualities for each trait based on your score.
  5. Compare each of your trait's qualities with the qualities of your other traits.
Understanding The Traits

Each of the 8 basic traits, will be illustrated on a separate page. The trait polarities (opposite sides) of each trait and their specific meanings are described. You will determine to which polarity of the trait you belong, using the top image as your Mild example and the bottom image as your Strong example. Note that the traits are scored as percentile ranking, with the major points shown: (2) 20% = Mild; (5) 50% = Middle Range; (8) 80% = Strong.

Once you've reviewed the pictures, return to the Profile and click to place a large circle or dot in the circle located under the proper percentile intensity rating for that trait. When completed, you will have a basic picture of the intensity of each trait within your structure and how they enhance or diminish one another.

What To Do With Your Results

Take one trait at a time. Observe it for a week or so, check it out with people and record the results.

Remember a high score is neither good nor bad and a low score is neither good nor bad. The scores simply help us determine how the trait will function positively and negatively in you or the person you are observing. Trait intensity means more of or less of a particular behavior pattern than that of another person or persons. This is important for us to understand.

If you don't get positive recognition from most people about their scores on the traits remember to study the Landmarks again. Accuracy interpreting the cell proportions is critical to properly judge the expression of a trait. If you can't tell if the score is strong or mild it is probably in the middle.

Practice is the best answer for accuracy.

NOTE: The brief trait descriptions of the mild intensity pole (noted as 2) and the strong intensity pole (noted as 8) have been greatly condensed and represent only a narrow slice of the full meaning of the traits and their corresponding expression.

  Percentile Ranking
  2 5 8
Physical Insulation
Feeling and Emotion Trait Area
  Percentile Ranking
  2 5 8
Innate Confidence
Automatic Expression Area
  Percentile Ranking
  2 5 8
Instinctive Self Reliance
Verbal Style
Automatic Giving

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