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Personology Is A Science...

Every face tells a story. Such a simple statement, but one that has fascinated civilization since the Egyptians. With the advanced genetic research tools available now, scientists may finally solve the riddle of why our faces show two sides. Another scientific tool, Personology, correlates these structural differences with behavior, thus revealing the key to personality.

Personology has its roots in early Egyptian research that studied body and facial structure to identify behavioral variations. Socrates himself selected his pupils using Personology principles and Aristotle furthered these studies.

In the late 1930's Judge Edward Vincent Jones began to correlate personality traits by identifying their physical markers and the specific behaviors attached to each trait. Prisoners who appeared in his courtroom found a judge who had already "guessed" with great accuracy the crime of which they were accused. Soon, he began teaching his friends this skill and eventualIy started classes.

In the decades following, Robert L. Whiteside studied and worked with Jones at the Personology Foundation of Los Angeles. In the 50's Whiteside formed a team of personologists who validated the 68 basic traits found primarily in the face, head and hands within a 1% level of error.

Personology Is An Art...

The Personology Profile is a comprehensive language for learning about ourselves. Yet it goes beyond that. Through it you can tune into your learning, thinking, expressive and perceptual style, feelings and emotions, values, desires, interests and physical action needs. It is a documentation of your own trait patterns and their interactions that produce your innate talents and skills; a documentation presented to you in simple language that will allow you to put this knowledge to use in your own self-unfoldment. The Personology Profile provides you with a self-portrait that is uncannily accurate. Many people claim that the Profile recognizes them in entirety. Validation for some, an epiphany experience for others, you may feel fully identified for your sensibilities, preferences and values.

Unlike other instruments, such as the Enneagram and the Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator, there is no "typecasting." We consult with you on your career and relationships with others. Your Personology Profile provides a custom description of YOU.

Personology Applies to Everyone...

Use Personology to improve:

  • Communications - Personal or Business
  • Sales - Management
  • Coaching - Counseling
  • Customer Service
  • Personnel Placement
  • Parenting or Teaching
  • Marriage - Sexual Relations
  • Finances
  • Self Appreciation and Acceptance

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